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Beware of Fraudulent Payroll Companies

At first glance payroll processing seems quite uncomplicated and easy, but that is only until you actually get involved. Payroll processing is serious business and can get messy, which is precisely why most business owners prefer to outsource it. Besides, what better way to lose employees than irregular and incorrect payments; who wants that?

How to do Payroll processing

So it is perfectly normal for companies to outsource their payroll and related tax responsibilities to third party service providers. Now these service providers know how to do payroll processing. They can streamline your business operations collecting and depositing your payroll taxes on time and also file payroll tax returns with the federal and state departments for you. Today most business owners don’t have the time to interact and follow up with payroll processing companies once the job has been given out. Unfortunately, most service providers know this and some unscrupulous payroll processing service providers use this knowledge to their advantage. Here are some signs you should watch out for to know if your payroll processing service provider is taking advantage of you.

How to do Payroll processing

  • If payroll tax monies are being withdrawn from your account and put into the payroll company’s account much before the taxes are due.
  • If you get a letter from the IRS stating taxes haven’t been paid when you believe they have been paid.
  • If your emails, calls or queries to the payroll company are ignored or you get the standard “We will get back to you” response.

In the event of any suspicious activity, take action. Contact the IRS for details of your payments when in doubt. Keep track of the tax due dates for your company; be involved. Cancel your contract with the company if you find they haven’t been honest and, this is important, spread the word. Don’t let any other unsuspecting business owner be duped by a fraudulent company that claims to know how to do payroll processing.

However it will be wise to avoid this scenario all together, which is why we recommend thorough research and interaction with peers before you take any decision. Don’t let yourself be fooled. Be smart.

How Online Payroll Services Can Help You

Online payroll services are a heaven-sent for small and mid business organisations. Come payday you no longer have to worry about how to do payroll processing; all you have to is click some buttons and the system will automatically generate pay checks for everyone in the organisation. The life of everyone involved is a lot easier. If you are still weighing the odds and want to decide whether online payroll services are for you or not, here are some reasons why you should consider using online payroll services.

  1. Reduced Cost of Labour– Which business owner, big, medium or small, doesn’t want to save money? With online payroll services, you can automate numerous manual payroll related procedures which means you have to hire fewer employees. Plus, you also get more results.

How to do Payroll processing

  1. Instant Report Generation– The beauty of any automated system is that you get reports immediately when needed. Gone are the days of rummaging through files and piles of papers. You won’t have to depend on your employees to do the work for you either. Get the reports you need instantly. You can also generate reports that are needed by law to demonstrate compliance with laws, regulations and mandates.
  1. Maintain Employee Confidentiality– Payroll information is by far one of the most sensitive information that a business owns. Personal information like name, address, phone number as well as payroll related details like salary, social security number form payroll information. Keeping payroll information safe is important to ensure employee confidentiality is not violated; it is one of the rules of how to do payroll processing. With online payroll services, you will have access to user friendly and secure payroll solutions.

Online payroll services

Online payroll services can make managing your business a lot easier. They are an effective means of fulfilling your payroll obligations as prescribed by law.