When to Outsource Your Bookkeeping

Okay, so you have finally decided that you are going to outsource your bookkeeping and accounting. You have even decided who you are going to hire, but the next question is when- when do you hand over your accounts, what is the best time to let the bookkeeper take over your books? Well, if that is where you are, we have some suggestions.

  1. Start of the Year– This is the logical choice- a new year, new beginning plus it is also the best time to get your CPA and client bookkeeping solutions provider to work together and ensure that everything is in order.

Client Bookkeeping Solutions

  1. End of the Month– While the beginning of the year is preferred, very few businesses have the opportunity to do so; the next best choice is the end of the current month. By the end of the month, your bank accounts are reconciled, your monthly reports are ready and your books are updated (ideal situation, of course), making it the best time for a new bookkeeper or client bookkeeping solutions provider to take over. It will make things easier for you and your bookkeeper.
  1. As Quickly As Possible If Your Current Bookkeeper Gave Notice or If You Are Unhappy With Your Current Bookkeeper– This situation calls for immediate action. You need a bookkeeper in as soon as possible so that your current bookkeeper can take care of the handover, so your new bookkeeper is ready to get things going at the earliest and your business doesn’t suffer.

Client Bookkeeping Solutions

While there is a good time to switch, there is technically no bad time to switch. All businesses are moving to client bookkeeping solutions because of the convenience, efficiency and because they are cheaper than using in- house bookkeepers. So if you want to change, now is as good time as any.