Avoiding Conflict over Overdue Payments

If you have clients with long overdue payments and haven’t outsourced receivable management services, you should understand that you are bound to have conflicts with the client at some point of time, especially if the client continues to put off making payments. You need your client to clear the payments, which is why it is prudent to avoid conflicts. Here are some tips to help you avoid conflicts.

  • Stay Calm– No matter what, it is important that you stay calm and talk in a confident, moderate and non- threatening tone. Your client shouldn’t feel belittled or attacked.

Receivable Management Services

  • Keep Your Emotions in Check– If your client raises his voice, you responding in kind will not help your cause. In fact, all it will do is agitate your client further and escalate the situation. Instead keep your emotions in check and respond rationally.
  • State the Facts– The facts are in your favour, which is why you should state the facts and deliver proofs to your client. State the consequences and what action you intend to take if payment goes unpaid longer. Once the facts are out, discuss repayment. This makes your client aware of what the consequences will be, allowing him to process things.


  • Give your Client Time to Think Through– It goes without saying that any call concerning unpaid dues never goes well. Your client is bound to get defensive and be rude. Be prepared for this and once you have gotten off the phone, remember that you need to give your client time to think through whatever was said and cool down. Once you have given your client a couple of days to cool down, call back and start over.

Collecting overdue payments is no easy task. What you need to remember is that you need the money. If the collection efforts are taking too much of your time and effort, you should consider investing in receivable management services. Receivable management services professionals know how to handle delinquent payments and even avoid them altogether, making your life infinitely easier.