Hiring the Right Bookkeeper

Most business owners and entrepreneurs find bookkeeping annoying and troublesome; which is why most of them hire an in-house bookkeeper or invest in online bookkeeping at the first opportunity. Definitely the smart thing to do, unfortunately deciding on a bookkeeper is not as easy. While you may know the basic know-how of bookkeeping, you may not be in the position to screen candidates- one will look as good as the other. So how do you decide who to hire? Here are some tips to help you make this decision.

  • Thorough Online Research– Research your candidates, individuals or firms, so that you have a clear idea of what they offer and their qualifications. You should also see if you can dig up some reviews or contact one of their clients to get a better picture.

Online Bookkeeping

  • Ask specific questions– The key to getting to know your candidates is to ask specific targeted questions intended to understand them better in the light of your business’ needs. Here are some areas you should cover.
  1. Bookkeeping Experience in Your Particular Industry– While the principles of online bookkeeping and accounting are the same across industries, there will always be certain nuances that change with the industry like credit control, taxation laws, payroll etc. Your bookkeeper will not be able to deliver his best for your business unless he knows what he is getting into. Online bookkeeping companies have an advantage here as their team of bookkeepers means that there will most likely be more than one person with experience in your field.
  1. Bookkeeping and Accounting Software Used– There is so much happening in the world of bookkeeping and accounting, which means you need bookkeepers who are skilled in using the latest applications. They need to also have experience with cloud based services.

Hiring Bookkeeper

  1. How Do They Keep Up With Changes In Bookkeeping And Accounting Practices– Bookkeeping is an old practice with changes happening every day. To be an efficient and effective bookkeeper, your bookkeeper should be aware of the latest developments in the field as well as use time saving apps and programs.

Handing over your bookkeeping to a stranger is not easy and not a task to be taken lightly, but with a bit of preparation you can get it right.