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Take a Break to Increase Productivity

Must people seem to think that working till you fall is the way to succeed; unfortunately you couldn’t be further away from the truth. You need breaks to increase productivity. How? Here is how taking a break can help your business.

  • Close Your Business for a Week If Possible and Take That Long Overdue Break– The best time to close your business is of course the last week of the year. It is perfect because most of your clients will be away during this week vacationing themselves. So take advantage of this; let all your clients know that you will be away and wrap up all your work during the first three weeks of December. This, of course, may not be possible if you run a retail store or a support provider, but this can work for most service based businesses like QuickBooks bookkeeper, human resources etc.

QuickBooks Bookkeeper

  • Don’t Do Anything Work Related For At Least 2 Days– Close down the business part of your brain; don’t think or do anything related to work. Instead spend time with your family, visit new places, read a book, listen to some music; do all those things you wanted to but couldn’t because of work commitments. Take the time to rejuvenate and reconnect with your family, friends and most importantly, with yourself.

Increase Productivity

  • Spend Time Thinking– Now some people may find that they need the entire week to catch up with themselves, but there are entrepreneurs who find themselves bored in less than 2 days. If you are bored, this is the right time for you to think about your business. Don’t do work like you would on a regular work day, but instead think of what your business needs, how you can improve it- all that thinking you cannot do on a regular day at work. With a fresh mind and by distancing yourself from your business, you will be able to look things objectively and identify what your business needs and increase productivity.

Taking a breather is important when you run your own business; not only will you be able to get a grip on yourself and your sanity, you will also be able to distance yourself from your business and its daily activities and view things objectively. This can greatly increase productivity of your business. Add to this the fact that you will also get to spend quality time with your family. It is a win- win.