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Why You Need a QuickBooks Bookkeeper?

QuickBooks is probably one of the most popular bookkeeping and accounting management software around. It is easy to manage, efficient and reliable. It makes the tedious task of keeping your books a lot less painful and annoying. However there are numerous business owners who have QBO account but don’t use it for various reasons- they don’t know their way around the program, they don’t have the time to take care of their bookkeeping or they are already so behind on their bookkeeping that they don’t know where to start. Whatever the reason, if this is you are what you need is a QuickBooks bookkeeper. Here is how QuickBooks bookkeeper can help you.

  • Save Time– As a business owner, you probably run on a few hours of sleep, catch a couple of bites between meetings and have all your attention focussed on your business. When you add maintaining books to your already long list of tasks, well, it is not a pretty picture. Investing in a QuickBooks bookkeeper will free up precious time so that you can focus on other more important things.

QuickBooks Bookkeeper

  • Greater Accuracy– You absolutely cannot afford to make mistakes in your books, but when you sit down to do your books half sleepy with your mind occupied with a pressing management problem, the probability of you making a mistake is quite high. Handing over the bookkeeping and accounting to a professional means no more mistakes and no more worrying.
  • Reliable and Efficient– Since your QuickBooks bookkeeper’s job is to maintain your books and your QBO account, all of his attention is on it. Add their training and previous experience and you have someone who is reliable and efficient with your books. Now isn’t that a lot better than you with no bookkeeping knowledge and complete attention elsewhere doing the books?


  • Facilitates Growth– With your time and energy free off bookkeeping tasks, you can focus on growing your business and doing what you are good at. Plus your QuickBooks bookkeeper will give you accounting reports that provide valuable insights about business trends and patterns. This information can be quite useful in making business decisions, helping you to grow your business.

Developing Leadership Skills

It is great to run your own business, to not have to answer to anyone but yourself, to be able to take your own decisions and all the perks that go with it. But running your own business is not easy; the whole business rides on you and in order to keep things going you have to fulfil many roles- a businessman, a financier, a QuickBooks bookkeeper and mostly importantly, a leader. When you are responsible for any number of people, you have to develop your leadership skills if you expect to keep your business on its feet. A leader motivates, inspires and challenges employees. Here are some skills you should develop to become an effective leader.

  • Communicate Effectively– No matter what field you work in or what role you have, communication skills are vital. Communication involves not just presenting your ideas, but also listening to the opinions and ideas of others and providing adequate feedback. When you are able to present your thoughts and ideas properly, you motivate and inspire your employees. When you listen to them, you inspire confidence and loyalty. All of these are important to keep employees, from your security guard to your QuickBooks bookkeeper, vested in your company and happy.


  • Delegate Work– You cannot run your business by yourself. You have to learn to let go eventually. As the business owner, it is your responsibility to identify potential leaders, train them and delegate work to them. This will free you to focus on other tasks and on the growth of your business.
  • Accept Mistakes– Mistakes happen; they are an inevitable part of doing business. As a business owner, be ready to make mistakes and learn from them. For your employees, expect mistakes and guide them when they make mistakes, whether it is your CFO or QuickBooks bookkeeper. They probably feel horrible about it without you going on and on about it. Learn to deal with and learn from mistakes and failures.

QuickBooks Bookkeeper

  • Be Willing to Learn– The ability to learn is an important one in leaders. Just because you reach the top of the ladder, doesn’t mean you know everything there is to know. Remember this and always be willing to learn; your employees will also respect you for this.

Take a Break to Increase Productivity

Must people seem to think that working till you fall is the way to succeed; unfortunately you couldn’t be further away from the truth. You need breaks to increase productivity. How? Here is how taking a break can help your business.

  • Close Your Business for a Week If Possible and Take That Long Overdue Break– The best time to close your business is of course the last week of the year. It is perfect because most of your clients will be away during this week vacationing themselves. So take advantage of this; let all your clients know that you will be away and wrap up all your work during the first three weeks of December. This, of course, may not be possible if you run a retail store or a support provider, but this can work for most service based businesses like QuickBooks bookkeeper, human resources etc.

QuickBooks Bookkeeper

  • Don’t Do Anything Work Related For At Least 2 Days– Close down the business part of your brain; don’t think or do anything related to work. Instead spend time with your family, visit new places, read a book, listen to some music; do all those things you wanted to but couldn’t because of work commitments. Take the time to rejuvenate and reconnect with your family, friends and most importantly, with yourself.

Increase Productivity

  • Spend Time Thinking– Now some people may find that they need the entire week to catch up with themselves, but there are entrepreneurs who find themselves bored in less than 2 days. If you are bored, this is the right time for you to think about your business. Don’t do work like you would on a regular work day, but instead think of what your business needs, how you can improve it- all that thinking you cannot do on a regular day at work. With a fresh mind and by distancing yourself from your business, you will be able to look things objectively and identify what your business needs and increase productivity.

Taking a breather is important when you run your own business; not only will you be able to get a grip on yourself and your sanity, you will also be able to distance yourself from your business and its daily activities and view things objectively. This can greatly increase productivity of your business. Add to this the fact that you will also get to spend quality time with your family. It is a win- win.

Present Day Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping has been around for probably as long as businesses have; business owners have been tallying their books and managing their accounts for countless years. Now, centuries later, businesses and bookkeeping are still around, however, the nature of both businesses and bookkeeping has changed. Who would have thought a couple of decades ago that we would be buying and selling things online? Yes, things are changing, faster than anyone ever thought possible; some changes are good, while others not so much so.

QuickBooks Bookkeeper

But good or bad, the changing times demand that businesses and bookkeeping also evolve and catch up with the pace of the world. Online bookkeeping, QuickBooks bookkeeper, cloud bookkeeping services are growing in popularity with each passing day; all this begs the question- are bookkeepers growing obsolete? Never, however a bookkeeper can no longer hope to function the old way. Bookkeeping today is efficient, quick, cost effective and provides real time updates. Bookkeepers are required to know not only bookkeeping and accounting, but also how to use bookkeeping and accounting software like QuickBooks. They also need to know other apps and programs that can work with the accounting software to make their work more efficient and quick. Breaking down financial jargon and explaining it to clients is also of great importance in today’s world.

QuickBooks Bookkeeper

It is not only what is expected of bookkeepers that has changed, things expected of business owners have also changed. If you want your bookkeeper to give you the best, you need to take at least 5 minutes every day to upload your receipts. With just that your bookkeeper can make sure your books are up-to-date and accurate and that you are at par with your competitors. In fact with the numerous tools at their disposal, your QuickBooks bookkeeper will be able to make sure that you get detailed financial reports, weekly and monthly, which will allow you to make well informed business decisions.

Bookkeeping is here to stay. Whether you are a business owner or a bookkeeper, remember, for your business or practise to flourish, you need to stay with the times and make the best of the tools that modern day technology offers you.