Things to Watch Out for When Recruiting

Hiring fresh blood is an important task. The future of your business may very well depend on the people you hire, which is why it is crucial that you hire the right people. But how do you decide if someone is right for you? This goes beyond what is said on the resume and by the candidate, it goes deep down to your gut feeling- you always know in your heart if someone is right for you or not. Here are some common red flags that can signal trouble ahead with a possible candidate.

  • Lack of Knowledge of Latest Developments– A candidate who wants to do his best at work is most likely to keep abreast of the latest developments in his/ her field. This also signals an interest in improving one’s skills and knowledge and a willingness to learn, which is important in today’s highly competitive and ever changing economy.

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  • Lack of Preparation– Candidates who are genuinely interested in working with you tend to do some research before attending the interview. If your client seems to know nothing about your company or what you do, well, let’s just, say doesn’t deserve a shot at the job.
  • Badmouthing Present or Previous Employers– We personally detest candidates who talk bad about their previous employers. Such candidates generally tend to find reasons to blame everyone else for their mistakes and don’t take responsibility for their own. It is also generally bad form to badmouth.


  • Doesn’t Seem Likely to Fit Into Your Company Culture– Very few businesses follow the traditional mode anymore. Company cultures are versatile and very few companies share the same culture. Today for someone to succeed in your company, they need more than the necessary skills and knowledge- they need to fit into your company and be able to work with all of you. If you have a candidate who is rigid and traditional, but has all the right skills, chances are he won’t work for you.
  • Ability to Follow Instructions– The ability to follow instructions is essential for any job. You absolutely cannot have an employee who cannot follow instructions. But how can you assess this? Try giving an assignment or a simple instruction in the interview call letter. This will tell you a lot about the candidate’s enthusiasm and work ethic.