Understanding Difficult Clients

Wouldn’t everyone just love to have great clients- clients who never complain, who are happy with your services, who never bother you. Unfortunately perfect clients are hard to come by, but more likely than not, your clients may actually be wonderful understanding people, so identifying the issue and addressing it can go a long way in improving things between the both of you. Here are some common problems business owners and entrepreneurs in all fields, from small business bookkeeping services to real estate, face with their clients.

  • The Micromanaging Client– Is your client always texting, calling or emailing you? Is he always ringing in to find out how things are going or to give instructions on how things are to be done? The only way to handle such a difficult client is to explain nicely how the constant interruptions are affecting your work, but be nice; you need your client to still believe that you are the best one for the job.

Small Business Bookkeeping Services

  • The Unresponsive Client– This is probably the worst kind of client; they don’t reply to mails or calls, they don’t provide you with any guidance and you end up stuck, not knowing how to go ahead. Your small business bookkeeping services or in-house bookkeeper can tell you how much of a drain such clients are on your business. The worst part is that work done for such difficult clients tends to backfire- either because they are unhappy with the quality or because it took much time. Sadly, all this was a result of the client’s actions, explaining this to the client is important. Proof of communication attempts can help in resolve this issue.
  • The Disrespectful Client– There are clients who tend to think that they own you or that you owe them because they hired you. Such difficult clients don’t respect you, don’t listen to what you have to say and are uncooperative. If you have such a client, and you find that they are becoming difficult to work with, it is best to drop them and find other clients.

Difficult Clients

  • The Negotiating Client– Ever come across a client who tries haggling over prices once the work is done or nearly done? These clients agree on prices, don’t complain about anything while you are working on the project, but when it is time to pay up, they become difficult. Then they want to negotiate the rates, or they make excuses to make the payment, so much so that you begin to wonder if you will ever get paid. You can involve your small business bookkeeping services, bookkeeper or accountant as well when dealing with such clients

Clients can be difficult but you cannot do without them. The best way to handle clients and client relationships is to be clear on what you expect from the very beginning. Clear and honest communication is the key to healthy client relationships.