We are a group of professionals that came together to fix a problem that many business people are aware of but don’t do much about. The fact that many business decisions are made without accurate information. Often books are updated once a month or not even then, and decisions need to be made on estimates and gut feel. These decisions are often not the best and can lead to overspending on sales or marketing.

Your books should be updated daily. When you log in to your Quickbooks Online account you should be able to see an accurate cash balance, more accurate than the bank as it will include your float. You should be able to see an accurate cash flow projection, and see what bills need to be paid in the next 2 weeks.

Most businesses do not take advantage of the integrated technology that is available. There is no need to touch a receipt. Any receipt can be photographed by your smartphone and automatically uploaded. Your salespeople will love it. Automated time clocks will ensure that you only pay for the time that your employees clocked in, and you can use it for outside salespeople as well, it works as a mobile app too.

You should be in control of your business and its finances, hold your bookkeepers accountable, the days of going to your accountant with a box of bills and a spreadsheet are over. Accountants are very useful, but you should use them for what they are good at, not bookkeeping!

Our pledge is that you will have to spend no more than five minutes a day reviewing your books, or answering queries from our bookkeepers. We will keep you up to date and informed, with many powerful reports emailed to you weekly and monthly.