Do you only use Quickbooks Online as your bookkeeping program, what if I want to use a different program?

All of our bookkeepers are certified QuickBooks Online Pro-Advisors and have been specially trained on Quickbooks Online. Therefore we only use Quickbooks Online as our program as we can ensure quality and service. We have a staff that can assist in converting and uploading into Quickbooks Online the data from almost any bookkeeping system, so you can keep your data intact and take advantage of the tremendous advantages of Quickbooks Online, such as integration with many other programs and its terrific mobile app. There is a very good reason that over a million US businesses are on Quickbooks Online.

I want to keep my accountant, if I use your service will I be able to?

You will be able to give access to your books to whichever accountant you wish. We are bookkeepers and Quickbooks Online has a built in access for Accountants. If you would like a recommendation for an accountant that specializes in your business we maintain a database of great accountants in your area. As your books will be clean, you should not have any big bills from your Accountant come tax time.

I want to keep my current Payroll Processing company, would I be able to?

Yes, we will first gather the data of how many hours your employees worked, calculate overtime, sick time etc, and then use your login to submit the payroll details to your provider. We can also use our payroll processing through Intuit at very competitive rates.

How do I get my documents to you?

We have a great document management solution as part of our service. We will set it up for you and all you have to do is scan your documents and we will sort through them and take the appropriate actions.

What if I want to cancel?

All of our services are month to month so you can cancel at any time without any penalty. Your Quickbooks Online account is yours and of course you can take it with you.

Why don’t you have your prices listed on your website?

As most businesses have different and often complex needs we find that a one size fits all plan does not make sense in most cases. For example a company that does staffing may have few bills to pay but many employees on payroll. another firm that has only one credit card deposit a day may have 200 transactions from 200 different customers that make up that batch which requires the setup of 200 customers a day in Quickbooks Online. Therefore we will need to understand a little bit about the business in order to provide a custom quote. We base our pricing on the number of transactions per month so we would need to get a good sense of how many bank transactions, credit card transactions, payroll transactions, accounts payable transactions, and A/R transactions to provide an accurate scope of work. Rest assured our pricing is highly competitive.