Bode Tree

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BodeTree is an easy to use app that provides financial insights for small businesses. All you have to do is sync your bank account and get started. The app then allows you to its full suite features; helps connect with partners and you can apply for funding to grow your business.

With this app you get a view into your net income and cash balance immediately. Your bank and/or credit card accounts need to be synced with the app for you to get started, and then you see that transactions are sorted out automatically. The Cash Tracker feature allows you an insight into the trends and patterns of your cash flow and expenses in just a few minutes.

BodeTree calculates your business valuation as well by looking at financial metrics and comparing your performance to your peers, without having to invest on an expensive consultant to do the calculations for you.

You can also apply for funding to grow your business using this app choosing from a network of traditional banks and alternative lenders. It’s like having your own CFO to help, the funding center connects you with providers with information they need to make decisions so you get an answer within days.


Create your free account today. No Credit Card required. Upgrade to premium for just $49.95/month.

Plan Price Users Details
Premium Monthly 49.95 20 Full access to the entirefor one low monthly rate.Bode Tree suite
Premium Annual 495 20 Choose the annual subscription for a 15%savings over the monthly subscription.
Basic Free Free 1 Create a basic account for free. With our basic plan you can access 75% of the app - visualize your data,
apply for funding, and connect to the solutions you need. Includes 30 Day Free Trial of Premium Features.



Phone Support: 888-220-1278




Pros of BodeTree

We consider BodeTree a tool for small business users that gives their owners an insight and specific reporting into their business that they won’t get from reading reports that are generated of their accounting software.

The setup was quick; reports were clear and easy to read, with explanations provided if the user is unfamiliar with the reports or what they are used to measure. We loved the short introductory video and the interactive messages from the BodeTree staff when you reach specific milestones in the app. The user interface is very easy to navigate through it.

Any small business could benefit from the features BodeTree has to offer. The pricing is worth it, because the base subscription is absolutely FREE! The funding feature on this app is extremely useful for startups that know they will need funding in the future or existing companies on expansion mode. For our own business we loved seeing the flow of revenue.

BodeTree provides a business valuation estimate. The same thing, performed without the assistance of BodeTree, would be a time-consuming process that involves historical financials, pro-forma financials, discount rate calculations, and market research. Bode Tree does all this and provides us with valuations using both market and income approaches and then combines them together for a singular estimated value.

We’ve been recommending this app to many of our clients, the peer comparisons, key value drivers, combined with our favorite box Take Action! Are amazing tools that every business owner must have at the tips of their fingers.

Cons of BodeTree

On BodeTree the date range needs to be tweaked, we would have liked to be able to adjust the date range for some of the insights to see if this was cyclical year over year, or just dips/spikes specific to the range showing.

Another issue that we saw while using BodeTree and don’t know if it is an isolated issue is that it took a long while to sync, but the wait was well worth it.

Even we had to really search to put some cons down here, this is one amazing app that is out to help small businesses in particular. We look forward to great developments from BodeTree in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.