Constant Contact


Constant Contact is more like a personal address book; it collects all your contacts and their information and has your entire contact list ready for any email, event or survey campaign. It auto imports all your customers from QuickBooks Online into a Constant Contact list and helps you send targeted marketing messages. The list is updated whenever new customers are added to the QuickBooks Online account. Due to its seamless integration with QuickBooks Online, you will not have to worry about missing contacts.


Free for all QuickBooks Online customers.

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FREE FREE N/A Constant Contact for QuickBooks
Online is free for all QBO customers.


They are available throughout the year to help you whenever the need arises.

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Pros of Constant Contact

There are two things that we really like about this app. Firstly, we no longer have to manually export contact information and prepare for any marketing campaign. Due to its integration with QuickBooks Online, all contacts are imported automatically. All you need to do is just hit the Send button to send out emails. Constant Contact saves lot of time and makes life easier. This is great when you are trying to launch a product or services and want to reach out to your old customers.

Another thing we just love about this app is that it’s absolutely free; who doesn’t love a great free app

Cons of Constant Contact

To be honest, we didn’t find any shortcomings with this app, but we would like to see a few additional features in future like a few more templates by industry or services which will make managing marketing campaigns simpler.

Although we did not find any issues with the integration with QuickBooks Online, there were one or two instances where we had to setup Constant Contact again as all the contacts were not imported, but this could be an isolated incident. In all fairness, this is a great and handy app to have.