Discover available loan options & secure the best offers, all in one place.


Fundera is the way to find easy, quick and secure way to a small business loan. With a single application, you can apply to multiple lenders, ensuring you get the lowest cost loan in the fastest way possible.

Fundera integrates with QuickBooks Online to help you fill in their application, answer a few questions and see what loan options are available for your business. Once the application is filled and submitted you will see each loan option that your business is eligible for, then with the QuickBooks Online and Fundera integration allows the qualification process to happen in a matter of minutes.

Once that is complete and with a few more clicks you will be presented with a list of lenders/loan options to which you would like to submit your loan request. The app allows you to submit your loan application to multiple lenders you would like, making sure you find the best loan to take your business forward. Then you need to upload documents to the Fundera account, you need to upload the documents only once irrespective of the number of lenders you would like to apply to.

Once the application is submitted to loan options/lenders that you have selected, the offers can be compared as and when they get back to you, ensuring that you get a loan at the lowest available rate.


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Free $0 1 Fundera is a free service.



Phone Support: Support: 1 (800) 386-3372, 1-800-FUNDERA


Pros of Fundera

The best part about Fundera is that it is FREE, effective, easy to use and their 5-star customer service is one of the best we’ve seen around in a long time. It helps a business get the funding required to grow.

This app does absolutely the same thing it claims to do, structure and streamlines the loan application process. Apart from importing the data, answering a few questions and upload the documents, there was nothing else for us to do. We recommend that these documents be uploaded one at a time, because it didn’t let us upload when we tried uploading all at once. There are no more traditional methods for entrepreneurs; this is how we recommend funding to grow their businesses.

The entire process was hassle free and the icing on the cake was that in a matter of a few hours, we had a couple of loan options for our business with a single application. When the loan options started coming in, we spoke to the lenders who were ready to offer us a loan and trust us they were very easy to deal with, very simple and yet very professional. If you do your research like we did to be able to understand the terms and conditions, we bet you will not be disappointed.

As we said before their website and app are very simple to use, even for a person not comfortable with a computer. The reps/advisors at Fundera are very kind, helpful and felt that their priority was to help our business and nothing else. There aren’t many organizations with that kind of support teams/customer service these days.

Pros of Fundera

There are not many, just a couple of cons that we can think of are, one that in order to figure what loan your business is eligible for you need to fill out the entire application and go through the entire process. It would have been great if Fundera had incorporated a prompt at every stage/selection that told the applicant what they were eligible for.

There are not many what-if scenarios, we’re sure that Fundera will look into these minor niggles in their future product releases.