Funding Gates

Solutions for your entire AR Process, All in One Place.


Funding Gates offers you everything you need for your AR, empower your team and get paid faster. It simplifies AR management, whether you’re looking for an AR specialist, AR financing or an AR software that covers the entire process, Funding Gates offers state of the art, best in class tools that help you get paid immediately.

Funding Gates integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online, ensuring your data is always up to date. This integration with QuickBooks Online is read-only, therefore making the connection very secure, using a similar secure platform to what is used by banks these days.

This app works with you to find the top finance options; helps share your invoices real-time with financing partners and gets the best rates with the highest credit limits for your business. In the course of the process their AR advisors work with the applicant/user to improve their AR and get qualified for better deals. You can now spend less time tracking customers and more time finding new ones. Their AR platform optimizes your receivables with integrated and powerful features.

Funding Gates helps bring all your AR tools under one umbrella. With seamless integration with best in class payment, phone and collections applications, your entire AR communication effortlessly comes together.


Connect for Free. Pricing for products vary based on subscribed services.

Plan Price Users Details
AR Financing $0 1 Funding Gates AR Financing is a free service.
AR Software Pricing is based on number of licenses,
custom setup and requested features.
1 Includes AR Training for the team, 1 -on-1 setup,
integration help and full customer support.
AR Staffing Pricing is based on monthly contact & follow-up
package spurchased.
1 All plans include account setup, customized follow-up workflow,
real-time reporting and technical support.
AR Advisory $0 1 Basic AR Advisory is a free service. Includes a diagnostic call & survey,
and a follow-up session to optimize your AR process.



Phone Support: 888-370-6026




Pros of Funding Gates

Funding Gates offers a great initial signup experience with a step by step tutorial, customized reminder letters that you can send your clients depending on how you want it to be, friendly, firm harsh and final. This is great app if you have a lot of receivables; it organizes your open invoices in several different ways so that they can be easily managed. The app also helps you a record of all the communication you’ve had with your customers. If you have any difficulty in collecting from your customers, you must give this app a try.

One of our customers who run a small business said, we use Funding Gates for AR and it works seamlessly. It makes it very easy to see how much each customer owes us by day sales outstanding and with a click you can see details of all the invoices due for a customer who has multiple unpaid invoices. The notes can be added easily and collection reminder emails are very easy to send from within the system.

Overall their receivables have decreased by 5% using Funding Gates. Most of it because of the increased awareness of the details that surround each account, which QuickBooks Online itself cannot provide. Funding Gates gives you a good understanding on current and outstanding receivables. The weekly reports that can be emailed to you show you how well the Funding Gates app is working. If you have many customers who speak/read foreign languages such as Spanish, the app allows you to edit letters and add Spanish wherever necessary.

Cons of Funding Gates

Amongst the cons, the noticeable ones are that Funding Gates allows only a one-way sync; with you not having an option to push data back in to QuickBooks Online.

Another drawback is that you need to verify all payments are booked in QuickBooks Online prior to viewing your receivables in Funding Gates Receivables Manager. They do have a handy sync status on the top menu bar so you can verify how recent the information is. You also have to manually enter the IPN link into the emails if you want to get paid that way, but the support team is great so they can help you every step of the way!

One of the main areas that we do not see available that might prevent a larger company from using it is the inability to set up custom collections procedures for different types of customers. Having this feature would be pretty cool.