Payroll management app for paying employees and contractors


Gusto is a fully fledged payroll management app for paying employees and contractors. It can help with payroll tax payments as well as fillings for the company. It can be set up and integrated with QuickBooks Online in just15-20 minutes.

Gusto is meant for US based businesses with less than 30 employees. It is capable of automatically calculating and paying local, state and federal payroll taxes. Not just that, using this app you can access your fillings electronically anytime, anywhere.


You can use Gusto for the first 2 months for free. From the 3 rd month, the app is priced at $29 per month

Plan Price Users Details
Standard $29/company/month + $6/employee/month 1 For more details visit


If you need any support with setting up your payroll or switching payroll providers, you can contact their customer support team at or call them.


Phone Support: (800) 936-0383




Pros of Gusto

Gusto not only helps to handle employee payroll effortlessly, but can also calculate and fill local, state and federal taxes. With every pay period, employees will receive nicely designed pay notifications. With Gusto, you can go paperless. You can invite your employees to a dashboard online where they can access their paystubs, WS2 and any other important information related to their pay using personal login credentials.

Once you have synced Gusto with QuickBooks Online, every time you run it payroll details, total wages, taxes and reimbursements automatically appear in QuickBooks Online under the expenses section. The best part of using this app is that if any corrections are made or anything is cancelled in Payroll, necessary adjustments are automatically made by Gusto in QuickBooks Online.

Another outstanding aspect is their customer service. The team is proactive, extremely helpful and is equipped to address any queries you raise.

Cons of Gusto

Although they seem to cover all the states of USA, there are still some states missing. So you need to be careful and check if your state is covered before you start using Gusto. Currently, they serve only US clients which can be problem if you have teams outside of the US.

We also see that there are not much customization options or flexibility available to pay employees every week and pay some every other week.

Another matter of concern is that when checks are printed out, they are generally not aligned properly. There is no way to adjust this issue in the app.