Budgeting, forecasting, and business performance dashboards made easy.


At last, an easy and automated way to build budgets, forecast sales, and track performance. Creating a budget and sales forecast for your business is a critical first step towards business success. LivePlan makes those budgets a reality and lets you know how you’re doing by comparing your budget to your actual results from QuickBooks Online. You can even easily see how you’re doing compared to last month or the same time last year, giving you instant insight into the health of your business. LivePlan helps you quickly create sales forecasts and expense budgets so you can ensure that your business will be a profitable success.

With LivePlan you can easily compare your budgets, forecasts, and actual performance against industry benchmarks so you can see exactly how your business is doing amongst your peers.

Comparing your sales and expenses to your plan, last month’s performance, and last year’s data is a time consuming and frustrating process. This app makes it simple: Sync your QuickBooks Online data to LivePlan and you’ll get all the reports you need to see at the press of a button. You can even see historical cash flow reports to help predict when cash is going to be tight in the future.

With LivePlan, you get instant access to your QuickBooks data so you can see how your business is doing from any computer with Internet access. Use the LivePlan dashboard to get the insights you need to grow your business - all without Excel or complex reports.


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Plan Price Users Details
Pay Monthly $19.95/month 2

Create your budgets and forecasts quickly and easily and then track your performance with automatic QuickBooks integration.
Pay Annually $139/year 2 Save up to 40% when you sign up for our annual plan. If you're tracking your business performance, this is the best deal.



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Pros of LivePlan

In our opinion, QuickBooks provides the basics you need to know for running your business. LivePlan takes you to the next step. It shows you the information on a dashboard that helps you visually understand what it means. The pictures and the interpretation, along with the ability to project make LivePlan a valuable add-on to help in running your business.

A business plan is an important asset to a business owner. But, most software solutions that aid in preparing a business plan require a large investment of time to learn and get off the ground. This is an awesome application that finally helps you put together that business plan you have been meaning to do with the actual results you are able to see with the data you have already produced in QuickBooks Online compared to your budgets.

LivePlan does an excellent job of navigating the murky waters of budgeting, forecasting, and keeping my business on track to reach its goals. LivePlan helps get some of our clients excited about creating a budget, normally a hard prospect. When they see the Key Performance Indicator's from all the data entered into QuickBooks Online, they get excited about how much information is at their fingertips and I get to help them improve.

In prior years, they used Word documents, SBA forms, SCORE forms, and multiple spreadsheets -- whatever the client was familiar with. End product coming from our office was inconsistent and didn't always have what the financial institutions they were looking for. LivePlan is very easy for clients to use, the examples really help them write their plans and the resources allow them to gather the information they need. We don't have to worry any more if someone messed up the formulae in our spreadsheets.

The program is easy to use and the support is excellent. If you want more help there are consultants that can help.

Cons of LivePlan

There are not many cons that we can write about this wonderful app except for some minor glitches. If we were to mention a few, then it would be customer service for sure, we spent a good deal of time with reps at LivePlan that are not knowledgeable with the product. The other point that needs a mention is that 3 out of my 5 users have had issues with syncing data from QuickBooks Online. The only error message that we see is that the sync was interrupted.

All in all this is a one good app, which can work its way through to getter better.