Neat® Smart Organization System

Neat is an expense management tool that works effortlessly with QuickBooks Online.


So let’s talk about the Neat Smart Organization System. Simply put, Neat is an expense management tool that works effortlessly with QuickBooks Online. This app recognizes information on your receipts, bills, business cards and converts them into usable data, making work a whole lot easier and leaving you with more time to focus on your business.

Thanks to a patented ID technology used in Neat, all you have to do is click a snap or upload your bills. The app, then, automatically identifies all the relevant fields and seamlessly imports the data from the image to any of your accounting tools; gone are the days of manual data entry.

Neat also goes a step further and lets you map vendors, clients and customers during setup and sorts them automatically at a later stage. Once integrated, you can create expense reports, handle invoices and receipts on the app.


Enjoy a free 30-day trial for all plans.

Plan Price Users
Essentials $5.99/mo 1
Premium $14.99/mo 2
Business $24.99/mo 5


Support: 866-632-8732




Pros of Neat

The first thing that caught our attention is how thoughtfully the app has been designed. The layout is such that you feel at ease within minutes of opening the tool. Add to this, the simple and distinct UI and you have an app to reckon with. It goes without saying that the app renders manual data entry obsolete. A great advantage of this app is how it allows you to organize your papers.

With this app, you can forward emails and attach documents directly and access files from virtually from anywhere. A huge point in Neat’s favor in our opinion is that it uses the same encryption standards as used by banks, ensuring your files are completely safe and tamper proof. To put it shortly, it helps you to store all your information and data in one secure, organized place.

Neat’s seamless integration with QuickBooks Online eliminates the need to export and import data and re-enter information. Using the patented ID technology, information is automatically parsed from pdf or images and sent directly to QuickBooks Online. Its reporting interface also helps you to obtain basic office expenses reports without much hassle. In short, with Neat, you get help for day to day accounting activities and also a simplified workflow for all bookkeeping activities in QuickBooks Online.

Cons of Neat

A huge drawback with Neat is that it works well only if you have purchased the Neat scanner and the Neat desktop. For some of us, this is an expensive option, especially if you already have a full fledged scanner.

Although the process to save documents is SUPER easy, you will still have to categorize and file each scanned doc or receipt once it’s in your Neat Cloud account. Otherwise it is near impossible to figure out which documents are available.

Also if you are planning to use it extensively for expense reports, you will find that the report formats in the program are a bit limited.